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30. März 2020.
Ecos News 63
30. März 2020.

ООО „ТРАНС Н. СТРОЙ“, Russian-Serbian company with the central office in Moscow, was founded on April 1st, 2004 and is engaged in the design and construction of high buildings. Main activities of the company are development of all phases of projects and construction of luxury homes, commercial and residential buildings and industrial plants by a „turnkey“. 

International team of  ООО „ТРАНС Н. СТРОЙ“ (civil engineers, architects and designers) – are graduates of construction and architectural universities of Moscow and Belgrade as well as higher educational institutions of other cities of the Russian Federation and Serbia. Our team has rich experience in the construction and has been operating in Serbia, Montenegro, Cuba, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Vietnam,  and Kazakhstan, including the Russian market capital construction since 1995.

At the present time,  ООО „ТРАНС Н. СТРОЙ“ employs  highly qualified specialists in the design, construction and management who have over 30 years of experience but also young and talented architects and engineers who are just starting their careers. 

We also cooperate with numerous consultants – experts: doctors, professors and PhDs. specialized in different fields of construction and building.