Borislav Sučić

Senior Graphic Designer

A proven senior graphic designer with creative and conceptual skills, exceptional attention to detail, and strong ability to collaborate with the marketing and other departments.

Countless projects as products brand design, design of books, catalogues, magazines, billboards, tickets, product packages and many others have made me able to become an experienced freelancer.

My skills


2003 - Today


Graphic design, Brand design, WEB design

Graphic design | Print design
Biography of NK Vitez, Biography of city Vitez, book "Ljudi i vrijeme", magazine BH Privrednik (69 volumes), catalogs, brochures, billboards, posters, business cards, flyers, vehicle branding and various publications

Web design
Thermoflux,JVK Zimmer,Firevision,Premium FT,,, SRC Romari, Real Vitez, FRIZ VIR, Biljaka Trans, Turbo servis, Palavra, TIP TOP, Radio Vitez, Vila Vita, Ecos d.o.o., Roltend

Brand design
Premium FT, Gasthaus Maxhof, JVK Zimmer, BM Elektrika, OKK Vitez, NK Vitez, OK Vitez, Real Vitez, UM Enter, GKM Vitez, Roltend, Trend Rasvjeta, Romari, MisterX, FS Kristina, InfoHome

2007 - 2018

Graphic design | Prepress production | Web design | Brand design

Ecos Ltd. Production and sale - heating and sanitary wares

Creating and producing campaigns (print, Online, tv), promotional flyers, Ecos News magazine (65 volumes; 2500 copies), branding vehicles, product packages etc. Brand design of company's products - Rocco, Romari, Ecoflex
Web design and administration of company's website (10M € online shop annual traffic), marketing support to Ecos wholesale customers.

2005 - 2007

Graphic design I Brand design | Prepress production

Kesten Ltd. Production and sale of furniture

Brand positioning on domestic market, making campaigns, posters, leaflets, vehicle branding, marketing support to domestic retail centers.

2004 - 2005

Graphic design | Prepress production

MultimediaPrint 2B Ltd. I Field: Print studio

Design of books, catalogs, visit cards, invitations, posters, flyers, stickers for various clients.



  • 2014Adobe Photoshop CS6 EXPERT

    Niten Scientia d.o.o., Zagreb (Croatia)
  • 1996-2000High school Vitez

    Gymnasium, Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina